Developer's SMS API


The Developer's SMS API is a simple and secure way to integrate into our SMS gateway, and enables your system to send and receive online text messages.

Key Features

Online texts can be sent either by an HTTP Post or by email, and each method provides the following features:

Our Integration Guide Integration Guide describes the API in detail, and we can tailor this service for you if you wish. Please get in touch if you would like to discuss integration options.

Developer's API In Use

We work with a series of sports clubs who need to stay in touch with their members. Head office provides a service to its member clubs which allows them to integrate a module into their website, so they can text to all their members at the same time. This means, within a matter of minutes, the clubs can add the online texting service to their own website, without requiring any programming knowledge or complex integrations.

Getting Started...

Wondering how to get going? Our quick start guide will take you through each step, or contact us if you need any help.