Send and Receive SMS Online

The ability to send text messages online is valued by many businesses because it gives direct and immediate access to the people they are trying to reach.

Our service allows you to send and receive text messages either by using your normal email account or directly from your web browser. Any replies that are received can be viewed online and also forwarded by email. All our text messaging products are based on our core SMS gateway, so however you choose to send messages, you always have access to the same great features.

Inbound SMS

Our Inbound SMS service allows you to receive SMS messages from anybody, and is ideal for marketing campaigns and customer support. The service uses UK based numbers and shortcodes, and we can provide either a dedicated number or a shared number plus keyword.

Developer's API

You can send and receive text messages online through your own servers or web site by integrating with our Developer's SMS API. Our API is based around a very simple HTTP Post, and our quick start guide will help you get going very quickly.