Product Features

Main Features

All our products and services services are easy to use and you can be up and running within minutes of opening your account. All services are hosted on our secure servers, so there is no need to download any software, and you can manage your account online.


Our personalised replies service delivers replies directly to the sender of the original message, and not a central mailbox or holding number. The service works by using a pool of shared numbers that we use to map between the sender and receiver of each text, in order to enable us to work out where to send each reply. The sender-to-receiver mapping is valid for 30 days which means you will receive a reply to your message even if it is not sent straight away. This feature is available for all our services at no extra charge and is not offered by our competitors.

Delivery Receipts

When your message is delivered, we'll send you a receipt telling you what time it was received. If we are unable to deliver to deliver your message, due to poor mobile coverage or a wrong number, for example, we'll also let you know.

Long Messages

A standard text message consists of a single segment of 160 characters. However our service can combine up to 5 segments into the same message. You can configure the maximum number of segments for each message with our online account management system:

Please note that each segment is charged for separately.

Online Account Management

All of our services can be managed through our online account management system. This system enables you to configure your account in the way that suits you the best. You can also buy credit and view usage reports through these pages.

Sender ID

We can personalise the Sender ID of each text message, which means you have the following options:

Customer Service

We offer first class, personalised, customer care and a rigorous Service Level Agreement across all our products.

We monitor our systems 24x7x365, so in the unlikely event of a problem we will be sure to resolve it very quickly.