Inbound SMS

Receive Incoming Text Messages From Anybody

Even though the mobile Internet is becoming increasingly accessible, SMS is still used for a wide range of mobile marketing campaigns. It is not reliant on 3G networks and even the most basic handsets support SMS functionality. SMS is frequently used as a direct response mechanism for TV, radio or printed adverts because it provides consumers with an easy and spontaneous way to request further information or to engage with popular brands.

Why Inbound SMS?

Our Inbound SMS service will complement other marketing activities by giving consumers with whom you’ve had no previous contact an easy way to get in touch. Inbound SMS is a cost effective way to build up marketing databases. It is easy to set up and supports long numbers and short codes.

Inbound SMS will also help improve your turnover. Our SMS software automatically captures the contact details of all incoming messages, providing your sales team with an invaluable list of prequalified leads.

Key Features

How It Works

Our SMS software captures contact details for all responses and stores them on a central database which you can access via a secure web interface. You can see at a glance the total number of messages you’ve received and categorise this information for future campaigns. Inbound SMS messages are normally forwarded directly to your email Inbox. They can also be viewed online or via our developer’s API.

Our Inbound SMS service supports long numbers or short codes. All numbers are available on a month-by-month basis; subject to a minimum 3 month contract period. We provide dedicated numbers (i.e. numbers that are only available to you) and shared numbers that work in conjunction with keywords: "To find out more text keyword 'info' to 65665", for example.

The first keyword is available at our standard rate and all subsequent keywords are available at a reduced rate.

Potential Uses

Our Inbound SMS service is a cost effective way to run competitions or quizzes, to host a vote, to manage automated responses or to support subscription services. Corporate brands can use Inbound SMS to build up promotional databases by including a message in their advert along the lines of "For more information, please text 07766 40 41 42 with the keyword 'info', we will then add you to our database."

Alternatively, charities looking for volunteers can include a phone number on their posters or other marketing material, asking interested parties to text the word “info” to this number. Those wanting to make a donation could be asked to text a different keyword. Staff can then look at the replies and deal with them appropriately.

Development API

Our Inbound SMS service can be easily integrated with your back office CRM systems via our Developer's SMS API.

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